• Question: how much do you get paid?

    Asked by Ruby on 27 Nov 2023.
    • Photo: Ed Morrison

      Ed Morrison answered on 27 Nov 2023:

      Mid £50ks as a university lecturer.

    • Photo: removed scientist

      removed scientist answered on 27 Nov 2023:

      The pay rate depends on many factors including job title. For a lecturer it starts at about £30k and goes up, Professors start at £65K

    • Photo: Berengere Digard

      Berengere Digard answered on 27 Nov 2023:

      As an early career researcher we get paid mid £40k a year (which is absolutely not enough for the quantity of work we do!)

    • Photo: Emma Sullivan

      Emma Sullivan answered on 11 Dec 2023:

      I get paid £36000 a year as a postdoctoral researcher (post-phd)