• Question: least favourite aspect of studying psychology?

    Asked by Ruby on 28 Nov 2023.
    • Photo: Elizabeth Newton

      Elizabeth Newton answered on 28 Nov 2023:

      I don’t have one. One of the great things about doing this is that there is so much variety.

    • Photo: Malwina Niechcial-McKenna

      Malwina Niechcial-McKenna answered on 30 Nov 2023:

      Not really anything although the topic that bored me to death was child development. I find it funny now given the fact I work in cognitive ageing, so an extension of cognitive (brain) development just later on in life when people’s thinking skills may start to decline.

    • Photo: Berengere Digard

      Berengere Digard answered on 30 Nov 2023:

      I can’t think of any just now. I think all topics can be interesting or boring, depending on how well they are taught

    • Photo: David McGonigle

      David McGonigle answered on 1 Dec 2023:

      Hmmm…this is another hard one. At times, the sheer amount of knowledge needed can be daunting, but I never fail to find the topic fascinating! There’s always something else to learn…

    • Photo: Emma Sullivan

      Emma Sullivan answered on 11 Dec 2023:

      Sometimes people can take short cuts with their research and this means it can be difficult to assess the quality of some research – all psychology researchers should strive to produce high quality research!