• Question: What work experience did you do prior to university?

    Asked by Mary on 16 Nov 2023. This question was also asked by keirap.
    • Photo: Rachael Hulme

      Rachael Hulme answered on 16 Nov 2023:

      Before university I did some casual work as a babysitter and waiting/bar staff. My secondary school also organised a work experience week – I spent a week at my local primary school, which helped me realise that I didn’t want to be a primary school teacher.

    • Photo: Elly Stamp

      Elly Stamp answered on 16 Nov 2023:

      Before I went to university, I wanted to go into medicine, so I shadowed a few doctors but this just showed me that I didn’t want to work clinically in hospitals!

    • Photo: Ed Morrison

      Ed Morrison answered on 17 Nov 2023:

      I did a week of work experience through school when I was about 14. It was working in a factory that made filter paper. It was most boring thing I’ve ever done.
      Apart from that, I did not have any work experience before university. During university I did casual office work in the summer.

    • Photo: Mioara Cristea

      Mioara Cristea answered on 17 Nov 2023:

      I went directly from high school to university, so I haven’t worked in between. However, as a student, I worked as a specialised educator, meaning I would support children with special needs (e.g., children with Down Syndrome, and children on the autistic spectrum) to do their homework and achieve their academic objectives.

    • Photo: removed scientist

      removed scientist answered on 17 Nov 2023:

      I did some work at an accountants, it made me realise that, although I like maths, I did not want to be an accountant.

    • Photo: Steph Acaster

      Steph Acaster answered on 17 Nov 2023:

      I volunteered at a boat museum on Saturdays for a few months, and for my school-organised work experience, I worked in a charity shop for a week. I also had a short summer job setting up a new school library. I didn’t do anything specific to Psychology, but that’s ok!

    • Photo: Berengere Digard

      Berengere Digard answered on 17 Nov 2023:

      My very first job was actually in the summer after my first year at uni, I worked for a month as a secretary in a small bank office were a relatives worked, and mostly I just sorted out files. The summer after that I started a new job that I kept for 5 years, alongside my undergraduate and masters degrees, all summers, and even during my gap year before the PhD: I worked in a little shop selling underwear! This means that up until recently, I actually had more experience selling underwear than doing Psychology!
      It was a very cool job though because working with costumers helped me a lot to develop my “people skills”, which I use all the time now, especially when I teach or when I go to conferences.

      I think there is something useful to learn from any job!

    • Photo: Malwina Niechcial-McKenna

      Malwina Niechcial-McKenna answered on 21 Nov 2023:

      In school for work experience week I worked at a local hairdressing salon. I did think about training to be a hairdresser at the time but liked studying, so thought I could do something with that instead. I worked as a barmaid/waitress through Sixth Form and University. I then worked in a bank for a couple of years before getting a job in research. I knew I wanted to pursue a career in psychology and do a PhD but it was challenging getting funding/a job in psychology, so I contemplated training to be a mortgage advisor. Between that job and my current one I also worked at the Student Office and the Human Resources department at my University for a year.

      Working in customer service has taught me how to deal with people, and that definitely helps with my current work.

    • Photo: Emma Sullivan

      Emma Sullivan answered on 11 Dec 2023:

      Prior to university I only had work experience in a shop so nothing related to psychology!